What's Happening in Esports from August 8th to August 14th

By Alexandre Ferroz

What's Happening in Esports from August 8th to August 14th

Here is your schedule from August 8th to August 14th.



Overwatch League is still on a break, but don't let that get you down... the regional Overwatch Contender playoffs are happening now.

Playoffs are taking place across NA, EU, AUS, China, Korea, the Pacific, and South America.  You can find a full schedule here: Schedule

For the stream, check out the Ovewatch Contenders channel at Twitch Channel.




Going into Week 8, a lot still up for grabs in NA LCS. It's clear to see that Team Liquid is the most consistent team right now, but everyone seem to be putting up a fight. Cloud 9 just woke up and started showing a lot of potential with Jensen playing Zilean every game. TSM still has no identity, no consistency and now has also no room for mistakes if they want to make playoffs this season.

In EU, things are quite different. Fnatic is now sharing 1st place with Misfits, after starting the season undefeated, Misfits decided to start a losing streak. Vitality, G2 and Schalke now share 3rd place and Splyce is 6th. Splyce defeated Misfits 2 weeks ago and just lost to H2K, which means H2K is now 1-13. Woohay.

Main Stream NALCS Stream 1 and NALCS Stream 2

Here is a link to the full schedule: NA- Schedule

EU- Schedule

It seems like we are very likely to have 4 teams sitting on a 13-5 record: Griffin, Gen.G, KT Rollster and Kingzone DragonX. It's really heartbreaking to think that one of these 4 korean beasts will miss Worlds this year.

On a side note, Griffin just shattered SKT's dream of playoffs. Well, say what you will, when they benched faker they brought this on themselves. They still have a chance of going to Worlds if they can climb the Gauntlet, but I strongly doubt that.

Playoffs start next week for LCK!

Games at Twitch Stream

Schedule: Schedule

Same IG domination going on. Rogue Warriors still leading group B. 

Here's the action in China   LPL Stream and LPL Stream 2

Schedule: Schedule

Other notable Leagues:

NA AcademyStream 1  and Stream 2

Schedule: Academy Schedule

LMS  out of Taiwan kicks off : Twitch Stream

Schedule: LMS Schedule

LLN out of Mexico: Stream

Schedule: LLN Schedule

CBLOL for Brazil: Brazil Stream

Schedule: Brazil Schedule

CLS for Chile: Stream

Schedule - SLC Schedule

TCL for the guys in Turkey: Stream

Schedule - TCL Schedule

OPL down in AUS: Stream

Schedule - OPL Schedule



Nothing here yet, but on next week's post, The International will be starting. August 15th! 


Congratulations to NRG Esports for winning Intel Extreme Masters XIII - Shanghai!

This week we have no major events, folks. Things heat up again next week.

Wow, Serral won GSL vs The World this past week! CONGRATULATIONS

GSL vs The World

It's widely known that in StarCraft, Koreans are on top. Also that the gap between WCS and top GSL is big. I'm not a huge Starcraft viewer, but even I know this. However, Serral did prove us all wrong. His win in this tournament just prove his dominance and the momentum he is having right now. Incredible performance and mental resilience to come back after falling 0-2 in the finals! Just amazing!


Both WCS Challenger Copa Seaosn 3 and GSL Code S season 3 return and continue this week!



Hearthstone Global Games is on going.

Congratulations to Horo for winning HCT Taichung!

Also, this week we have HCT Germany.

Hearthstone Global Games

The tournament features 48 countries and is running already, swiss rounds still going for now!

The full schedule can be found here: Schedule


HCT TourStop

HCT Tour is now stopping by Krefeld, Germany. The 16 best players will take a piece of a $15,000 USD prizepool and the top 32 earn Hearthstone Competitive Points.




GLL Season finals are here! 

GLL Finals

Alright, so this week we have the finals of GLL season 2. The event will take place in Stockholm, Sweden from August 10th to 12th. The top 16 teams around the world will travel there and battle for a 100.000 USD prizepool.

For more information and full schedule, check this link: GLL Season 2 Finals




This week, Fortnite Summer Skirmishes continue!

Fortnite Summer Skirmish Series logo

Week 5 starts this Friday! Based on last week, we can expect the a nice showing, as the production was immensely superior to week 1



Western Clash Phase 2 is now upon us. It all begins this Friday at 9am pacific time.



Smite Pro League still on a break!



Still on a break here.


Rainbow Six Pro League is on a break until september!



Two ranking events this week, Furia Tica 2018 and Fight Club NRW.

Furia Tica 2018

Furia Tica 2018 takes place in San José, Costa Rica. This ranking event is part of Capcom Tour and will happen on August 11th and 12th. The pools happen on saturday 11th at 9am Pacific and the top 16 will battle on sunday 12th at 2pm Pacific.



Fight Club NRW

Fightclub NRW happens in Cologne, Germany on August 11th and 12th. This event is also part of Dragon Ball FightZ world tour radar event. You can check out their full schedule and stream on the links below.



Super Sm

Super Smash Con

Super Smash Con 2018 is this August 9th to 12th and will take place in Chantilly, VA.

If you are a Nintendo fan, this is the event for you. Super Smash Con features esports tournaments, live shows, music, cosplays, Super Smash Bros and more. 

Event website


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