What's happening in esports from August 22nd to September 1st

By Alexandre Ferroz

What's happening in esports from August 22nd to September 1st

Hey guys, before we begin, I'd like to announce that we are discontinuing these weekly calendar blog posts. From next week forward, we'll start posting original content, mostly on League of Legends.

Now, without further due, here is your schedule from August 22nd to September 1st.


Overwatch League is still on a break, but don't let that get you down... the regional Overwatch Contender playoffs are happening now.

Playoffs are taking place across NA, EU, AUS, China, Korea, the Pacific, and South America.  You can find a full schedule here: Schedule

For the stream, check out the Ovewatch Contenders channel at Twitch Channel.

Also, All-Stars Weekend starts this saturday and resumes on sunday! Another chance to check your favorite pros in a fun event!

To check out the schedule and roster for this event, click HERE.



Playoffs are here!

Ok, how did Cloud9 end up in second place? Seriously, how? What a run, after bringing their best players back to the LCS roster, they went on a undefeated streak and moved up from dead last to 2nd place. Kuddos C9, kuddos. TSM also finally woke up and locked a playoff spot. Team Liquid finished 1st, FlyQuest, EchoFox and 100Thieves complete the playoffs pack.


EU grew tired of me saying they were predictable and that the top team were always the same. So, they went out of their way to make Misfits fall hard from their undefeated throne to finish 5th, while Schalke who would take 2nd place also decided to surprise everyone and lose to H2K. Now we have Fnatic 1st, Team Vitality 2nd, FC Schalke 04 in 3rd, G2 in 4th, Misfits 5th (?!?!?!) and Splyce 6th.

Main Stream NALCS Stream 1 and NALCS Stream 2

Here is a link to the full schedule: NA- Schedule

EU- Schedule

My beloved LCK... what a show this week... Griffin vs Afreeca Freecs is another one to be watched and rewatched over and over again. 5 games of a best of 5 and I still didn't know who would win after 20 minutes of the last game. That's how even it was. Kramer was huge but Viper showed he is second to none, Griffin managed to pick Spirit a bit out of position with an Ashe arrow and Tusin on TK just couldn't save him. Haha, you'd think this would be the end... but somehow Afreeca fights back and send Griffin to the base, Spirit goes straight to baron... they pick up Baron... Griffin finds the fight they were waiting for, and after killing 3 members of AF, push all the way to the win! Amazing.

Now Griffin moves to the finals against KT Rollster. Com'on KT!

Games at Twitch Stream

Schedule: Schedule


Here's the action in China   LPL Stream and LPL Stream 2

Schedule: Schedule

Other notable Leagues:

NA AcademyStream 1  and Stream 2

Schedule: Academy Schedule

LMS  out of Taiwan kicks off : Twitch Stream

Schedule: LMS Schedule

LLN out of Mexico: Stream

Schedule: LLN Schedule

CBLOL for Brazil: Brazil Stream

Schedule: Brazil Schedule

CLS for Chile: Stream

Schedule - SLC Schedule

TCL for the guys in Turkey: Stream

Schedule - TCL Schedule

OPL down in AUS: Stream

Schedule - OPL Schedule



The International continues today

The International

Finals are approaching, as The International will resume this saturday, August 25th! Right now, only 8 teams remain: Team Liquid, PSG.LGD, OG and Evil Geniuses in the upper bracket; Optic Gaming, Virtus.pro, VGJ.Storm and Team Secret on the lower bracket.




 Alright, we have 2 events this month still. ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018 and DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018

Zotac Cup Masters

Zotac Cup Masters 2018 is upon us. Starting Friday, August 24th, 8 teams will battle for 300.000 prize pool. Among the fierce competitors is MiBR, looking to prove themselves now with a coach. VP and Tyloo are also in the pool of top contender for this title.

English Stream

Other languages Stream

Corsair DreamHack Masters Stockholm

DreamHack Masters - Stockholm begins August 29th and resumes on September 1st. This is a big tournament for CS:GO fans. All the big names (except for Liquid) are scheduled to appear and they will face each other for a prize pool of $250,000. The event will take place at Ericsson Globe arena in Stockholm, Sweden and the tickets start at around $48.




Both WCS Challenger Copa Seaosn 3 and GSL Code S season 3 continue this week!



Hearthstone Global Games still on going.

Congratulations to Lii for winning HCT Buenos Aires!

Hearthstone Global Games

The tournament features 48 countries and is running already, swiss rounds still going for now!

The full schedule can be found here: Schedule



Starting this Friday and running until the beginning of the September is Starladder i-League PUBG season 2! 

The games start this Friday, at 11am PT. The tournament finals will happen on September 2nd!

Full schedule isn't out yet but you can get more information here. 



This week, Fortnite Summer Skirmishes continue!

Fortnite Summer Skirmish Series logo

Week 7 starts this Friday! 


Realm Royale Logo

This Thursday we have another week of Kemstar's Thursday invitational!


Rocket League logo

We have the playoffs for Rocket League Universal Open Season 2!

Universal Open Season 2


This is a major event for Rocket League, with 86.500USD prizepool! All matches are best of 5, except for the finals, which is a best of 7 games! The tournament started on Thursday, August 24 and goes on until Sunday, August 26!

For the schedule to this event, click here.

For the stream, here.

Congratulations to Gen.G for winning Eastern Clash Phase 2!

Heroes of the storm Global Championship now goes back to another 5 weeks of regular season!




Smite Pro League still on a break!



Still on a break here.


Rainbow Six Pro League is on a break until September!




There are quite a few events for fighting games, especially SFV, including 2 premier events in China, Esport Festival Hong Kong 2018 and Final Fighter China 2018. Unfortunately, the webpages for these events are in chinese, so we will focus on the event in the US, Summer Jam 2018, as well as the Capcom Tour Online event, Latin America South Two.

Summer Jam 2018

Summer Jam 2018 takes place in Philadelphia, PA. The events features Street Fighter V tournaments, as well as Dragon Ball FighterZ and a dozen other labels. It all begins on August 31st and runs until September 1st.

Event Schedule



Capcom Pro Tour

At last, we have Latin America South Two an online ranking event for Capcom Tour, beginning and ending on Saturday, 25th.



See something we missed? Send us a DM on Twitter and we will get it added to the calendar!  You can find us @BestInSlotCo.


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