What's Happening in Esports from August 1st to August 7th

By Alexandre Ferroz

What's Happening in Esports from August 1st to August 7th

Here is your schedule for August 1st to August 7th.


Congratulations to London Spitfire for winning Overwatch League playoffs!

London Spitfire concludes their redemption path after Stage 3 and 4 by convincingly beating Philadelphia Fusion. Both teams were underdogs in the semifinals but both of them have risen to the occasion and now Spitfire took it all the way!

Overwatch league now takes a long break!

You can check out the full OWL schedule here: Schedule

And watch the games live here: Twitch Stream


Cloud9 just started their road to redemption, beating Team Liquid, Echo Fox and TSM in their last 4 games. TSM is now very close to the bottom of the standings once again, the team completely lacks proactivity and despite their great individual roster still struggling to find any rhythm what-so-ever.

In EU LCS, G2 continues to fall and now occupy the 3rd place, while Fnatic climbed to 2nd. Misfits picked up another loss, this time against Splyce. Despite all that, these 3 teams are distant from non-playoff zone.

Main Stream NALCS Stream 1 and NALCS Stream 2

Here is a link to the full schedule: NA- Schedule

EU- Schedule


KingZone helped SKT's road to redemption when they defeated Hanwha life Esports, and now faker & co have a decent chance of making an appearance in the playoffs. Griffin lost yet another game and it's starting to get worrisome for the no1 team in Korea, as they share the top of the standings with KingZone and possibly with Gen.G and KT Rollster as well if they win their matches this week.

Games at Twitch Stream

Schedule: Schedule

IG and Rogue Warriors distance themselves even further from the rest of their respective groups. LPL still has 5 weeks of regular season, so it still early to say they locked 1st place in their groups, but it's quite likely.

Here's the action in China   LPL Stream and LPL Stream 2

Schedule: Schedule

Other notable Leagues:

NA AcademyStream 1  and Stream 2

Schedule: Academy Schedule

LMS  out of Taiwan kicks off : Twitch Stream

Schedule: LMS Schedule

LLN out of Mexico: Stream

Schedule: LLN Schedule

CBLOL for Brazil: Brazil Stream

Schedule: Brazil Schedule

CLS for Chile: Stream

Schedule - SLC Schedule

TCL for the guys in Turkey: Stream

Schedule - TCL Schedule

OPL down in AUS: Stream

Schedule - OPL Schedule


 Congratulations to Evil Geniuses for winning DOTA Summit 9!


This week we have no majors for DOTA 2! Sorry folks =/


Congratulations to Astralis for winning ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier!

ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier logo

ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier was awesome and the competition couldn't be tougher. Astralis, however, won the tournament without losing a single map! The danish team was on fire and in sync, defeating everyone with ease and completely demolishing Team Liquid on inferno in the finals!

Intel Extreme Masters XIII - Shanghai starts today and will resume next monday, August 6th! Most of the best teams in the world decided to skip this tournament, as it started right after ELEAGUE Premier, but we can still see great teams like Virtus.Pro, Tyloo and Gambit!




GSL vs The World begins on August 2nd! 

GSL vs The World

This week we have GSL vs The World, the tournament is similar to an All-Star event, the best players from GSL and WCS, together with a few fan selected professionals, will battle for this tournament crown and the prize of roughly $10,000 USD to the champion. The tournament begins on August 2nd and concludes on August 5th.



Hearthstone Global Games continues!

Also HCT Taichung starts today, August 1st.

Hearthstone Global Games

The tournament features 48 countries and is running already, swiss rounds still going for now!

The full schedule can be found here: Schedule


HCT TourStop

HCT Tour is now stopping by Taichung. The 16 best players will take a piece of a $15,000 USD prizepool and the top 32 earn Hearthstone Competitive Points.




Congratulations to Oh My God for winning PUBG Global Invitational 2018! As for this week, we don't have any major tournament going on, sorry folks!



This week, Fortnite Summer Skirmishes continue!

Fortnite Summer Skirmish Series logo

After a lot of weirdness, production seems to be improving for Fortnite Esport and we are excited for week 4, which should take place this friday and saturday, but full schedule isn't out yet.



Heroes of the Storm Global Champion is now on a break as we wait for Western Clash Phase 2! 


Smite Pro League still on a break!


 Congratulations to Team Kaliber for winning CWL Stage 2 !


Now we take a break of 2 weeks from major tournaments for this game!

Rainbow Six Pro League is on a break until september!



This week we have EVO 2018 Championship Series!

EVO Championship Series

Alright guys, this is a big one! EVO 2018 takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada and it features multiple fighting games, not only SFV but almost every fighting game there is: Super Smash Bros, Tekken 7, Injustice 2, BlazBlue Tag Battle, DragonBall FightZ and Guilty Gear! The tournaments run from friday to sunday, so does the event. 

The image below, from www.shoryuken.com , includes more specific times:

EVO Schedule

 As for the streams, the links are below and the graphic shows which game will be played on each one. 

Street Fighter - EVO - EVO1 - EVO2 - EVO3 - EVO4 - EVO5 - EVO6 - EVO7

Stream EVO 2018


See something we missed? Send us a DM on Twitter and we will get it added to the calendar!  You can find us @BestInSlotCo.


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