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Things I learned while gaming

Hello everyone, my name is Alexandre Ferroz.  I've been gaming since I was 4 on my good and old megasystem and computer. Since then, I've never stopped playing one thing or another. Nowadays, I play poker professionally. So this is...

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What's happening in esports from August 22nd to September 1st

Hey guys, before we begin, I'd like to announce that we are discontinuing these weekly calendar blog posts. From next week forward, we'll start posting original content, mostly on League of Legends. Now, without further due, here is your schedule...

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What's Happening in Esports from August 15th to August 21th

Here is your schedule from August 15th to August 21th.     Overwatch League is still on a break, but don't let that get you down... the regional Overwatch Contender playoffs are happening now. Playoffs are taking place across NA, EU, AUS, China,...

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